Aircraft Type (based on MGTOW)   Fees    

  Minimum - Privately Registered Aircraft (under 2000kg)

Minimum - Commercially Registered Aircraft (under 2000kg) MGTOW




 Please buy fuel to support operations.  
  Minimum - Aircraft (over 2000kg)   $35.00    
  Minimum - Helicopters   $35.00    
  MOH   $350.00    
  Aircraft/Helicopter (2000kg & greater) MGTOW   $11.00/1000kg    
  Aircraft Parking Fees   Daily   Monthly   Annually
  2000kg or less MGTOW   $12.00   $125.00   $450.00
  2000kg and less than 5000kg   $23.00   $250.00  On Request
  5000kg & greater   $46.00   $500.00  On Request
  Airport General Improvement Fee      
  To be levied per passenger on a charter flight   $15.00    
 Disclaimer: Not all fees are displayed, and those shown are for reference only. For confirmation, and more information, please check with Airport Management.
NOTE: HST (13%) is applicable to all airport user fees.

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